The benefits of growing an air plant

The aerial plants, also known as Tillandsia, are a type of epiphyte, which means that they do not need any soil to grow. They still need a place to grow; It is not a parasite, although it needs a host to grow. Nutrients are absorbed by particles in the air, dirt, and moisture.

The roots are bred only for fixation and additionally support the possibility of moisture absorption. Some support aquatic animals such as frogs and toads found in the tropical forests of South America, but not in the desert and mountainous regions of the southern hemisphere.

The plants grown indoors are a great addition to your decor. Like any other plant, light is a big part of the plant’s life. The sun or a simple fluorescent light will work well, but be careful not to leave it too long as it could burn the leaves.

The water absorption of the aerial plants is higher than that of the other plants, especially if they are outside the gardens. Try to remember that you should not confuse the needs of aerial plants with a sponge as they can not survive in deeper waters.

It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly examine the plant to understand and cultivate it properly. The air plants can grow everywhere. All that is needed is a place to hold the plant as it can be grown from a shoe to a shell.

A great thing about Air plants their beautiful colors of flowers and flowers. In this case, it will be given in an assortment big or as a gift.

Plants breathe through their leaves; Photosynthesis, the process by which they feed, also takes place in the leaves. It is important to keep the leaves of your plant dust-free so that the air can penetrate unhindered. The method is to immediately clean the leaves with a soft cloth after they have been fogged with water. This is also the time when you can carefully remove the dried leaves with a trimmer to re-grow. Once a week you should turn the pot a few degrees so that the plant receives light and air on all sides so that it grows evenly on all sides. If you leave a potted plant in the same position for a long time, only new leaves will grow on the side that receives the most light.

It is also important that you take a knife or a small garden trowel every month or two months and carefully circle the plant five or six centimeters. This will loosen the dirt around it, let in fresh air and force the plant to develop a new set of fine roots that absorb nutrients better. Do not dig the ground too close to the stems, as this could damage the main root system. All you are trying to do is loosen the dirt on the edge of the pot and cut the tops of the roots in this area so that they divide and produce more root tips.

These are simple things you can do during the weekend that will make your plants healthier and also help you relax. Plants not only make your home beautiful, they also help improve your environment. Plants filter out air pollutants and give off fresh, clean oxygen in the room they live in. Remember that they are living beings like you, they need food, water, and air to live and grow. A few minutes of your time will make you happy and beautiful.