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Legion of Mary


Do You Realize . . .

That hunger is one of the world's greatest problems today.

The spiritual starvation is more wide-spread and more serious than physical hunger.

That it afflicts even the richest countries and that you will find it on your own doorstep.

That your faith is something very precious to share.

That working for others can give a new meaning to your life.

That Christ expects you to play your part in His work.

Would you like to . . .

Follow the Holy Father's exhortation to evangelize the unchurched by visiting door-to-door in the parish and extending an invitation to become acquainted with the Catholic Church?

Provide catechetical instructions in the home.

Welcome new parishioners to the parish.

Visit homes to encourage Sunday Mass attendance, enrollment of children in CCD if not attending Catholic school.

Visit the sick and elderly in their homes, hospitals or institutions; visit prisoners in jails.

Promote religious devotions in homes, especially the rosary; acquaint parishioners with various parish activities, such as adult education programs.

These and many others are the opportunities that can be yours as an Active Member of the Legion of Mary.

The only good work that is excluded is the giving of material help. Several other organizations provide that type of assistance.

Why you should join the Legion of Mary  . . .

Christ has no hands but your hands to do His work today.

He has no feet but your feet to lead men in His way.

He has no tongue but your tongue to tell men how He died.

He has no help but your help to bring men to His side.

Christ needs you today to do His works of mercy.

If you fail to do your part, part of His work will remain undone.

The Vatican Council says . . .

"All Christians are responsible for making the message of Christ known and accepted throughout the world."

"Those who fail to help the growth of the Church are of no benefit either to themselves or to the Church."

That's worth thinking over.

Who may join the Legion of Mary . . .

All practicing Catholics, men and women married or single who wish to play their full part as lay members of the Church, and who are prepared to follow the Legion system.

For membership in adult group the candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Those under 18 may join Junior or Intermediate groups.

Auxiliary Membership . . .

If  for some reason you cannot become a full Active Member you may become an Auxilary Member.  As an Auxiliary Member you will support the work of the Legion by your prayers. You will undertake to say daily the prayers contained in the Legion prayer-leaflet.  These include the Rosary.  If you already say the Rosary everyday, there will be no obligation to say a second Rosary. You could help the Legion greatly by becoming an Auxiliary Member.

As a Legionary you will be expected . . .

To attend a local group meeting each week.

To spend at least two hours on active work each week.

To say a short prayer each day.

You may, in your generosity, do more.  Indeed many Legionaries do.

How to join the Legion of Mary . . .

You join a local group called a Praesidium.

You are taken on probation for at least three months.

During that time you sample the Legion system and take part in Legion works. At the end of the probation period you can decide whether or not you wish to take on full membership.


Mary Mother of God Praesidium

President: - Connie Anderson - 604-583-3724.

Vice President:- Norm Parent - 604-590-6793

Or, just come to our meeting which is held every Thursday evening at 7:00pm in the I.C. Parish meeting room.

Those under 18 can join our Junior Group, Immaculate Conception Junior Praesidium meeting every Friday at 3:00pm in the I.C. Parish meeting room.

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